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Planar Inductor Characteristic Analysis

Somsak Akatimagool, Sayam Nippithanit


This research presents the study and analysis of the microstrip, meander and spiral inductor characteristic of planar circuit. The analysis method based on a wave iterative concept will calculate the incident, reflected and transmitted waves which propagate in a closed metallic box. The amplitude of waves presents in the real domain (pixel) and spectrum domain (modes) by using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). In this work we designed the graphic user interface using MATLAB® program. The analysis results are the scattering parameter, the inductor characteristics and the electromagnetic waveform on the inductor circuit layer. The compared results between Wave Iterative Method (WIM) and SONNET Lite program of version 11.54 are good agreement. The advantage of this research can be used efficiently in the microwave circuits analysis and design.


Microstrip Inductor; Meander Inductor; Spiral Inductor; Wave iterative method

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