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The Development of a Blended Instructional Model for EnhancingSelf-Knowledge Acquisition

Intira Robroo, Dr.Krismant Whattananarong


Whattananarong2AbstractThe purposes of this study were to identify the needs for development, synthesize, and validate a blended instructional model for enhancing self-knowledge acquisition. There were 2 parts for this study. The first part was designed to identify the needs for development of a blended instructional model. The samples were 30 students who studied on “Project Management for Information Work.” The research instruments used in the first part were a 5-rating scale questionnaire and needs identification using PNImodified. The second part was designed to synthesize and validate a blended instructional model for enhancing self-knowledge acquisition. The samples were 9 experts. The instruments used in the second part were a questionnaire, evaluation and suggestion forms developed by the researcher. Index of Congruence (IOC) was used to calculate the congruity with IOC over 0.5.The results indicated that the most essential for instructional setting was the needs for instructors used an e-Learning method (PNImodified.=0.36), followed by the needs for prior learning ability assessment (PNImodified.= 0.29), and the needs for instructors enhance students to search learning method by themselves (PNImodified.= 0.22) respectively. The synthesized model consisted of the principles based on government policies about lifelong learning, the concepts of educational theories used for instructional designs with an emphasis on the learner-centered, self-directed learning activities, self-knowledge acquisition with Big6 process, and blending with e-Learning by the Sloan Consortium criteria. The panel of experts agreed with the model in all aspects with the IOC of 0.92. The first aspect on learning activity had the IOC of 0.94. The second aspect on planning instructional process had the IOC of 0.92, and the third aspect on element of learning had the IOC of 0.90 respectively.


Blended Instructional Model; Needs Assessment; Self-Knowledge Acquisition

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