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A Competency-Based Curriculum Development Model in Automotive Technology Subject

Weerayute Sudsomboon


AbstractThis paper presents a practical discussion of the emergent requirements for effective Thai industrial education calls for a paradigm shift in competency-based curriculum development. With a paradigm shift away from a behaviorist conceptualization of teaching and learning toward a cognitive point of view, a trend toward investigating competency aspects of learning. The objectivesof the study were: 1) to construct a competency analysis profile content framework on automotive technology subject for the mechanical technology education program (MTE) at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi; 2) to identify a competency-based curriculum framework on automotive technology subject; and 3) to describe the typical module format on automotive technology subject. The participants were selected by purposive sampling with 21 specialized in academic instructor in higher education and automotive trainers in private sectors who were involved in curriculum development and training program development. The qualitative data applied to the research instrument were job profile chart and the consequence assessment sheet. The research was collected through document analysis and DACUM workshop. Although each of these aspects may be found in some conventional curricula, it is their collective use that constitutes a true competency-based program. The result showed that the experts’ consensuses variously described of competence as focusing on several key areas in 14 tasks. A competency-based curriculum framework on automotive technology subject can be divided into 7 aspects. The typical module format on automotive technology subject was 7 steps. The areas include the nature of competencies, criteria used to assess the competencies, ways that student competence is assessed, student progress though the program, and the program’s instructional intent.


Automotive Technology Education;Competency-based Curriculum; Competency-Based Education; Industrial Education

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