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Factors Affecting the Adoption of Learning through Mobile Social Networks for Higher Education in Different Innovation Adopter Categories

Waransanang Boontarig, Charnsak Srisawatsakul


As innovation and technology can improve students learning performance. Mobile social networks can be a useful tool as it has allowed users to share information, exchange ideas, communicate, and access information or learning resources anytime anywhere. However, the success of implementing technology in education is depend on users’ acceptance and use. Rogers also verified that those adopting an innovation have variant characteristics that must be addressed. Thus, this study aims to 1) investigate the factors associating students’ adoption of learning through mobile social networks for higher education in different groups of innovation adopters, and 2) compare the adoption in different groups of innovation adopters. The study proposed the research framework based on a modified Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 2 (UTAUT2). The questionnaire was conducted to collected data. Following the data screening process, 113 responses were used for the analysis. The multiple linear regression was performed to determine students’ adoption. The study concludes that innovators, early adopters, and early majority perceive the proposed factors differently.


mobile social networks learning; UTAUT2; innovation adopter categories

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