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The Development of a Slide Presentation Module for Moodle

Akkadet Sosongchan, Suphakit Niwattanakul


Today, Moodle is a learning management system which has become popular around the world. Development a new module will be particularly useful for delivering Moodle in learning and teaching. This research aims to develop a new slide presentation module for Moodle and test the performance of the module by surveying the instructor opinions in the educational institutions that use Moodle. To analyze, design and develop module to make screen and the user interface easy and convenient to teach. The instructors can interact with objects on slide by drag and drop, working on a web browser similar to the traditional desktop application. To test the system install the module in SUT e-Learning, Suranaree University of Technology and test the performance of the module by five experts in five areas include: 1) functional requirement 2) functional 3) usability 4) performance 5) security. The results show that the overall average performance is very good (Average = 4.62, SD = 0.42). The security test is the highest average score (Average = 4.87, SD = 0.30) and the functional is the lowest average score (Average = 4.32, SD = 0.65).


Moodle, Module; Slide Presentation

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