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Development of a Training Package for Competency Development of Secretaries Required by Employers

Sumalee Nikornsaen, Krismant Whattnanarong, Terapong Wiriyanon


The purposes of this research were to investigate the competencies of secretaries in which they were required by employers, to develop a competency-based training package, and to validate the efficiency of the developed training package. There were 111 employers, 400 administrators used for this study. A questionnaire was used to gather data pertaining to the competencies of secretaries required by the employers. There were 9 competencies were used for developing a training package by using the procedure of competency-based training. The training package consisted of a computer-assisted instruction program which was Web-based instruction and a work book with handouts designed for teaching and learning based on the competencies required by the employers. The samples were 78 students in the Department of Secretary and Management, Phatumtani Technical Collage, in the second semester of academic year 2010. They were selected by a purposive sampling method and divided into two equal groups, 39 students in experimental group and 39 students in control group. The experimental group studied with the developed training package and the control group studied with usual instruction. The results indicated that the efficiency of the developed training package was at 88.98 % and the after-studied competencies of students were higher than the previous competencies at the level of .05. The learning achievement of experimental group was significant higher than the learning achievement of control group at the level of .05.


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