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A Needs Assessment on the Training of Educational Management by Integrating the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy to the Schools under the Jurisdiction of Office of the Private Education Commission

Satima Sittikul, Pairote Stirayakorn, Chaiwichit Chianchana


The purpose of this research was to assess the needs on the training of educational management by integrating the philosophy of sufficiency economy to the schools under the Jurisdiction of Office of the Private Education Commission. The samples were 231 teachers and 41 administrators. The statistics used for analyzing data included percentage, mean, standard deviation, and ranking of importance of needs assessment by Modified Priority Need Index. The research results could be concluded as follows: The results of the administrators’ opinions revealed that most of the operations for 8.30% had not yet operated by the educational institutes included organizing the activities of learners development (5.58%); secondly, managing the educational institutes in terms of curriculum and instructional management (4.13%), and the personnel development of the institutes (1.83%), respectively. The results of importance ranking of needs assessment on training from the teachers revealed that the highest needs was about the management (0.24); secondly was curriculum and instructional management, and organizing the learners development. The highest index value of needs was equally at 0.23 whereas the index value of lowest needs was personnel development of the educational institutes at 0.22.


Needs assessment of training; philosophy of sufficient economy

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