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Computer Role-Playing Game Model Based on Social Learning toward Thai Language Attitudes of Thai Muslim Students in Three Southern Border Provinces

Sumai Binbai, Sasichaai Tanamai


The objectives of this research were 1) to develop Computer Role-Playing Game (CRPG) model to reinforce positive attitude toward Thai language of Thai Muslim students in three southern border provinces; 2) to study Thai Muslim students’ attitude toward Thai language via CRPG usage; and 3) to study the attitude change of Thai Muslim students toward Thai language after continued using CRPG. The samples were 90 Matthayom 1 students at Islamic private school in three southern border provinces. They were selected by multiple-stage sampling technique. The research results were as follows: 1) the computer role-playing game model to reinforce positive attitude toward Thai language composed of 1.1) Positive Attitudes Enhancement framework (ARRS principle framework) such as Attention, Relevance, Re-behavior, and Satisfaction 1.2) CRPG elements which included of 7 elements such as content and story, character, task/activity, user interface, environment, resource and rule/regulation. The model was evaluated by the experts at high level. 2) The students’ attitude after using CRPG was statistically significant higher than before using CRPG at .01. And 3) the students’ attitude change after continued using CRPG for 2 weeks later, totally 4 weeks, was statistically significant higher than used CRPG 2 weeks ago at .01.


Computer Role-Playing Game Model; Social Learning Concept, Attitude Change; ARRS Principle Framework; Three Southern Border Provinces

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