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Application of Tech Less, Learn More (TLLM) to Learning Management in Industry Electrical Technology by using SEDEA Learning Model: A Case Study of Pneumatic and hydraulic Course

Sommart Khamkleang, Sakesan Chana


This research aims to develop and evaluate the efficiency of the management learning plan to the teach less learn more by using SEDEA learning model, a case study of pneumatic and hydraulic course. The tools used in the research include 13 lesson plans and test achievement. The samples used in this study were undergraduate students, major of Industrial Electrical Technology, faculty of Industrial Technology, Songkhla Rajabhat University, students enrolled subjects pneumatic and hydraulic, semester 2 academic year 2556, 54 people by sampling authentic. The collected by samples were a pre-test and continue to teach the lesson plans for 15 weeks. After, the samples were a post-test. The scores were calculated based on the validation of standard Maguigan, and calculate the post-test average scores using percentage. The results of research showed that the lesson plans to the teach less learn more by using SEDEA learning model of pneumatic and hydraulic course, efficient than standard Maguigan, and achievement of samples are averaged 75.57 percent, according to the hypothesis.


teach less learn more; SEDEA learning model; pneumatic and hydraulic

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