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Factors Influencing Traveling to Central Business District during the Morning Peak Hour: A Case Study of Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality

Krissada Namchimplee, Siradol Siridhara


The main purpose of this research was to study factors influencing traffic density at peak hour in the morning. These factors included location, land use, and other traffic characteristics which hypothesized to influence the peak time of traffic density comparing to reference up time at 7.00 A.M. This research was conducted based on 14 selected observation areas in Nakorn Ratchasima Municipality. Multiple Linear Regression technique was used to analyze relation between these physical and traffic characteristics and peak time of street traffic. The research showed that physical factors and land use had little influence over time difference toward traffic density period. On the contrary, the main factors influencing time difference toward highest traffic density period were space mean speed, distance from observed point to the first reference point (Mae Kim Heng market), distance from observed point to the nearest education institute, and number of public transportation with adjusted coefficient of determination (adjusted R2) at 0.498.


Regression; Speed; Peak Hour; Land Use

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