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The Study of the Status of Management for Readiness Preparation of University Library in Thailand to ASEAN Community

Titiya Netwong


The objectives of this study were: 1) to study and synthesis the status of management and standard of university library in ASEAN and 2) to study the status of management for readiness preparation of university library in Thailand to ASEAN community. The samples consisted 5 directors of university library, 238 staffs and 942 users of the university library. Research methods using qualitative research and quantitate research. The data was collected by interview form and a questionnaire. The analyzed with content analysis, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test and F-test. The finding of this study are as follows: 1) Management of the university library began to prepare for the ASEAN community. The management policy of university library were from the activities of the university to identify the genetic activities of the library. Operational issues on the development of learning resources to support education in ASEAN. The libraries must have a policy of support for the ASEAN community, budgeting for management and promotional activity / project support ASEAN community, personnel readiness, instructional services in the region, academic service and research in the region, service search and development of digital content in more than one language, the environment of libraries to learning atmosphere ASEAN, cooperation between libraries in the region and quality assurance compliance with the quality assurance support services of ASEAN community. 2) the status of management for readiness preparation of academic libraries in Thailand to ASEAN community from opinions libraries’ staff were generally rated “medium” ( = 3.33, S.D. = 0.76), the library staffs’ gender, age, education level, working character and working experiences had no effect on management for readiness preparation of academic libraries to ASEAN community whilst department of libraries made a differences in their performance, and opinions libraries’ user in performance of libraries were generally rated “high” ( = 3.72, S.D. = 0.61), the library users had no different opinions on library management for readiness preparation of academic libraries to ASEAN community in relations to their gender, age and education level, on the other hand, department of libraries was the only factor that caused different opinions on the performance of academic libraries.


management; readiness preparation; academic library; ASEAN community

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