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Online Closure Principle Memory Instructional Model to Enhance Redintegration

Navapat Phetmanee, Duangkamol Phonak


The purpose of this research were 1) to synthesize essential factors for the online closure principle memory instructional model to enhance redintegration, and 2) to evaluate suitability of the developed model. The sample group was ten experts in Educational Technology and Psychology.The tools of research were E-PCOCIEE Model and evaluation form. Data was analyzed by fundamental statistics including mean and standard deviation. The result was found that this model comprised 8 elements : 1) Environment Enquiry, 2) Planning, 3) Concentration, 4) Observation, 5) Connection, 6) Imagination, 7) Exercise, and 8) Evaluation. The evaluation of E-PCOCIEE Model was appropriate at a high level (X ̅ = 4.48, S.D. = 0.52).


Instructional Model; Memory; Redintegration; Online Learning

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