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A Construction of Life Skills Test for Mathayomsuksa 4-6 Students in Kuruprachasan School

Amnat Rumruen, Porntip Chaiso


The objectives of this research were 1) to construct and review the test quality about discrimination index, construct validity, concurrent validity, and reliability, 2) to construct criterions for score interpretation, 3) to construct manual of the test. The life skills test for Mathayomsuksa 4-6 Students have been constructed through following steps, including; 1) Defined the structure and the definition of life skills from Office of The Basic Education Commission. There were 4 components; awareness and esteem themselves and others, critical thinking, decision and creative copping, emotion and stress copping, and how to make relationship with others., 2) Constructed 4 multiple choices of life skills test. That consisted of 40 items. 3) Reviewed the construct validity by 5 experts, modified and tried out the test to analyze in discrimination index, construct validity, concurrent validity and reliability; 4) Constructed the criterions for score interpretation and analyzed the quality of the criterions experts. 5) Constructed the manual of life skills test and checked the quality by classroom teachers. The research results revealed that: 1) The life skill test had construct validity. Correlation coefficients between each component; and between each component and total score were .21-.54 and .65-.81 respectively, after joined life skills developed activities founded that the scores of students were higher than before joined the activities, concurrent validity coefficients between student scores from the test and the observation form were .90, the item discrimination index were in the range of .28-.75, the reliability of the test was .88, 2) The criterions for score interpretation of life skills test were in four levels: low, medium, high and very high with ranging scores from 0-15, 16-23, 24-31 and 32-40 respectively. 3) The manual for the life skills test was suitable and easy understand to administer the test.


Life Skills; Life Skills test; Secondary Level

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