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The Development of Administration on Short Training Course Module for Education Institutes under the Office of Vocational Education Commission

Ruangsang Hasakool, Chaiwichit Chianchana, Pairote Stirayakorn


This research aimed to 1) develop and evaluate the appropriateness of the administration on short courses module for educational institutes under the Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC). The researcher 2) intended to develop and find the efficiency of the short training course handbook using module in theoretical and practical approaches. The target group included the group of administrative team, supervisors, department heads, and teachers from the colleges that provided short courses under the OVEC, and the group of specialists who specialists in the field of curriculum administration of both government and private sectors. The results can be concluded as follows: 1) The results showed high appropriateness, rated by the specialists, of the developed administration on short teaching course module for educational institutes under the OVEC which comprises of 5 aspects of (1) defining the curriculum administrative committee, (2) planning curriculum implementation, (3) implementing the curriculum, (4) evaluating the curriculum, and (5) following-up the achievement of the project. 2) The efficiency results of the handbook of the administration on short training course module have demonstrated that the handbook of administration structure, the handbooks of short training administration course, and the evaluation handbook of follow-up study of the appropriateness were the most appropriate handbooks. The efficiency results of the vocational short training course module, which was a part of the shot training administration course, implemented with the IPO Model, appeared to have the highest level of the appropriateness training and the figures were relatively hight in all aspects. The results of training implementation on both theoretical and practical parts were also hight at level of at 81.60/80.49 and 79.42. In addition, the data collecting results showed that the theoretical and practical approaches at 82.32/81.41 and 79.91 levels were higher than the initial hypothesis levels. Besides, the satisfaction level of the trainees in participating the training course was at the highest level. Lastly, the follow-up stude of the trainees who completed this training course module had higher satisfactory results than the hypothetical assumption in both theory and practice. Also, they rated their satisfaction on the instruction using training module at the highest level.


Administration on short training Course module for education institutes under the office of Vocational Education Commission

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