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Tourism Motivation Factors of Elderly Tourists in Thailand

Nattiya Wonglakorn, Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha, Kankrong Suangka, Sajjakaj Jomnonkwao


This study aimed to analyze several motivation factors related to travel activities of seniors or elderly people in Thailand, and to identify group variables of motivation to enhance the tourism poll. A total of 750 respondents were elderly Thai with the age above 60-year-old in Thailand. Data were analyzed using the Second-ordered Confirmatory Factor to determine the push and the pull factors that motivated the travel activities of the elders. The results of motivation factors shown that the value of chi-square was 801.909 with 218 degrees of freedom, p-value=0.0001, CFI=0.935, TLI=0.925, RMSEA=0.060 and SRMR=0.051. The model indicated that the motivation factors related to the travel activities of elderly people in Thailand were that (1) the push motivation composed of 3 factors: novelty and pursuit of knowledge, self-development and enhancement, and relaxation, (2) the pull motivation composed of 3 factors: natural and historic attractions, festival or events and shopping resources, travel and security, and weather atmosphere and climate. The results of the study could enhance in the development of tourism industry in planning, and to develop tourist attractions and suitable tourism arrangement for the elderly people, which can be applied by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.


elder; travel motivation; factor analysis; Tourism

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