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The Development of Teacher Training Course on the Competency Based Instructional Design for Vocational Courses

Put Thamsuna, Pairote Stirayakorn, Pisit Methapatara


The purposes of this research were : 1) to develop and evaluate the Competency Based Instructional Design Model for Vocational Courses 2) to develop and investigate the effectiveness of the Development of Teacher Training course in the Competency Based Instructional Design for Vocational Courses. The target group for this research consisted of specialists, directors, instructors and the students in the field of Industrial Technician under the Office of Vocational Education Commission. The training program was evaluated by applying the CIPP Model of Daneil L. Stufflebeam with the following findings ; 1) The Competency Based Instructional Design Model for the Vocational Course was evaluated under the framework of instructional design consisting of 5 phases ; analysis , design , development , implementation and evaluation and 17 components. The results revealed that the overall appropriateness of the procedure by the experts reached the high level and the overall appropriateness of the training model was congruent. 2)The results of the effectiveness of the developed teacher training model for Vocational Course consisted of 13 topics with the results as follows. The context evaluation reveals very high congruence on the training topic and the objectives. On the input evaluation, the highest aspect was on the appropriateness of the training course. The results of the Index of Congruency (IOC) of behavioral objectives ranged very high with the test reliability at very high. The process evaluation showed that the effectiveness of the theory was at the average of 85.71/83.14 while the practical part was 83.88 % higher than the set criteria at 80/80 and 75% respectively. On the result evaluation, the supervisors reported high satisfaction towards the trained teachers at the highest level, especially on their knowledge and skill application. Furthermore, students learning with the trained teachers reported their satisfaction at the highest level. It can be concluded that the developed training model for the Vocational Course was effective according to the set criteria and the research hypothesis.


Development of Training Course; Instructional Design; Competency Based Instruction

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