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Using Concept Mapping as a Training Strategy for Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills on Automotive Mechatronics Systems

Weerayute Sudsomboon


This study presents the use of concept mapping to enhance problem-solving skills for implementing Automotive Mechatronics Systems (AMSs) as a training strategy for training and subsequently evaluating the group concept maps (GCMs) among automotive service technicians. Data collected a five case concept map allows Mitsubishi Automotive Mechatronics Systems that creates how design the GCMs. The participants were (N = 78) authorized and local automotive service technicians, diploma students and undergraduate automotive technology students. Data analysis examined for training strategies, and subsequently for developing a knowledge representation tool by Gowin criterion. The results showed that there was significant difference in the experiment group; the researchers employed the independent sample t-test to analyze the results of the pretest and posttest within the 5 cases. There was significant difference in case 1 SCV SCV valve of supply pump does not operate and case 2 Magnetic clutch of compressor is not connection between the experimental group and the control group. On the GCMs, there were significant differences between the two groups. Stakeholders tended to apply the GCMs training strategies. They were gained generate ideas in this study. The problem-solving skills are illustrates its practical use through GCMs strategic problem-solving skills in Mitsubishi AMSs example. Moreover, benefits of this study are also discussed, supporting the overall utility of this implementation technique to provide the standard problem-solving skills in AMSs.


Concept Mapping; Training Strategy; Problem-Solving Skills; Automotive Mechatronics Systems

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