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Development of an Administration Model for the Undergraduate Vocational Dual System Education of Vocational Institutes for Enhancing the Human Resource Potentiality in the Era of Industry 4.0

Kanokrath Phongphothakul, Teravuti Boonyasopon, Somnoek Wisuttipaet, Preeda Attavinijtrakarn


The purposes of this study were to investigate the factors affecting the success in administrating vocational dual system education, to develop an administration model for vocational dual system education, and to develop a handbook for administration model for vocational dual system education. The sample groups in this study consisted of 7 experts in the field of vocational dual system education used for interviewing and 301 people used for questionnaire responding. The research instruments used in this study were an interview form and a questionnaire. Data were analyzed by using mean, standard deviation, correlations, and multiple regression statistics. The results indicated that the administration model for vocational dual system consisted of 5 areas as follows; 1) the area of planning consisted of 7 aspects, (1) organizational resources, (2) follow-up systems, (3) remuneration systems, (4) dual system structure, (5) curriculum development, (6) communication channels, and (7) cooperation networks, 2) the area of organization management consisted of 5 aspects, (1) meeting systems, (2) education quality assurance systems, (3) organizational IT systems, 4) responsible committee systems, and 5) personal development systems, 3) the area of commanding consisted of 3 aspects, (1) developing the competencies of related persons, (2) providing responsible working units, and (3) proceeding cooperation with enterprises, 4) the area of coordination consisted of 3 aspects, (1) evaluation and follow-up systems, (2) student preparation systems, and (3) internal organization coordination systems, and 5) the area of controlling consisted of 2 aspects, (1) curriculum approval proposal systems and (2) policies, rules, and regulations. The handbook of the administration consisted of 5 units. They were the units of 1) planning, 2) organization management, 3) directing, 4) coordination, and 5) controlling. The contents in each units consisted of guidelines for operations, and indicators of successes. The evaluation of the handbook by the experts in the field of dual system education revealed that 76.92 % rated at a very high level of appropriateness and 23.08 % rated at a high level of appropriateness. There were 69.23% rated the possibility of implementation at a very high level and 30.77% rated at a high level respectively.


Educational Administration; Bilateral system; vocational institute

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