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Evaluation of Seismic Performance of a Precast Concrete Building located in Chiang Mai Thailand

Phakhin Sangkharat, Mongkol Jirawacharadet


Earthquakes are natural disasters that cause a significant loss of life and property. Chiang Mai is located in the north, with many earthquake faults indicating that Chiang Mai is at risk of an earthquake. This study demonstrates the importance of seismic performance base design of precast concrete buildings (PC). A 10-story apartment precast concrete building is modeled located in Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai. The building is designed as per Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning DPT1302-18. The building is evaluated for earthquake resistance performance using nonlinear time history analysis, which uses the acceleration of the earthquake recorded from earthquakes of 7 waves. The acceleration of the earthquake is matched to the design spectrum using ETABS software. The analysis identifies the plastic hinge properties of shear walls and moment curvature by using the stress and strain model for concrete and steel as specified in the Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning DPT.1303-14. The results of analysis of the linear static analysis is designed and evaluated by the nonlinear static analysis and the nonlinear dynamic analysis. The analysis results from all 3 methods are compared for the displacement of buildings, Base shear and Story drift.


Nonlinear Dynamics Procedure, Nonlinear Time History Analysis, Performance base design, Precast Concrete Buildings, Shear walls

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