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Antecedents of Efficiency on Organization Management at the State Railway of Thailand

Ravis Khanchalee, Bundit Phungnirand


The main objective of this thesis was aimed to examine the organizational efficiency’s factors of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) to design a model of the development on organizational performance of the State Railway of Thailand. This research is a mixed method. The sample quantitative research using questionnaires from employees of the State Railway of Thailand, totaling 810 people. The sample size is determined by estimating the value of the variable in the ratio of 1 per 20 samples total of 380 people. The samples used in the research, qualitative in-depth interviews of senior management of the State Railway of Thailand, totaling 27 people. The instrument used in quantitative research was a questionnaire. Using techniques of descriptive statistics, the researcher analyzed the data collected in terms of frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation of the observed variable, structural equation modeling (SEM). Statistical analysis revealed that the statistical results from the empirical analysis showed that the variables that measured organizational performance, knowledge management, public sector management quality award, innovation management and change management were appropriate. The results indicated that, consistent with empirical data indicating that a proper measurement. The results of the hypothesis testing revealed that the 4 factors affecting organizational performance of the Railway Authority of Thailand are as follows; 1) Knowledge management has 3 sub-variables consisting of 1.1) knowledge discovery, 1.2) knowledge storage and 1.3) application. 2) Public sector management quality award has 2 sub-variables consisting of 2.1) quality of services and 2.2) quality management. 3) Innovation management has 3 sub-variables consisting of 3.1) individual excellence, 3.2) team excellence and 3.3) organization excellence. 4) Change management has 4 sub-variables consisting of the 4.1) structure, 4.2) technology, 4.3) human resources and 4.4) culture. Based on in-depth interviews concluded that the factors used to create a model to develop effective organizational management of the State Railway of Thailand is the most important factor for knowledge management and change management. The results of qualitative and quantitative research have been used to create a more complete model for the development of corporate governance of the State Railway of Thailand.


<span id="docs-internal-guid-50f20627-7fff-5e2f-3e49-1c876ba528b7"><span>Administrative efficiency, Organization administration, State Railway of Thailand</span></span>

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