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Facebook does not plan to notify half-billion users who were hacked

by Adrianna Grossman (2021-04-26)

Facebook has no intention to notify the more than 530 million users whose details were hacked and posted online, the social media giant has said.

Facebook said in a blog post on Tuesday that 'malicious actors' had obtained the data prior to September 2019 by 'scraping' profiles using a vulnerability in the platform's tool for synching contacts.

Among the victims were CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose cell phone number was among the leaked personal data posted online by hackers.

A Facebook spokesman told Reuters the social media company was not confident it knew which users had been hacked and would need to be notified. 

The spokesman said it also took into account that users could not fix the issue and that the data was publicly available in deciding not to notify users.

One Page Website Templates For Free Download | StyleshoutFacebook has said it plugged the hole after identifying the problem at the time.

The scraped information did not include financial information, health information or passwords, Facebook said.

But it did include phone numbers and dates of birth and other private information - which could provide valuable information for hacks or other abuses.