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The Development of Computer Assisted Instruction Supported Collaborative Learningusing Online Game Technology in Principle of Programming at Vocational CertificateLevel

Charun Sanrach, Nutthaphon Houdsunthorn


The purposes of this article are to present the development process of the Computer Assisted Instruction Supported Collaborative Learning using Online Game Technology (CAISCL-OGT) in Principle of Computer Programming, to compare the teamwork behavior of students, and to find out the students satisfaction after using the developed CAISCL-OGT. The sampling group is divided into 2 groups: experimental group, learn with the developed CAISCL-OGT, and controlled group, learn with the traditional classroom collaborative learning. Tools using in this research are the developed CAISCL-OGT, applying collaborative learning and online game technology, posttest, summative test, teamwork behavior evaluation form, and questionnaires. The results are illustrated as follows: firstly, the developed CAISCL-OGT consists of 7 lessons with 3 types of collaborative learning: STAD, JIGSAW and TGT. Secondly, the efficiency of the developed CAISCL-OGT is 85.39/84.27. Thirdly, the teamwork behavior of experimental group is higher than controlled group. Fourthly, the student satisfaction is at high level in content and learning methodology. In conclusion, we can apply this CAISCL-OGT to the target group and use as prototype to develop other subject.


CAISCL-OGT; Game Online Technology

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