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A Training Model for Teachers on Research Methodology and Research Reports by Using MIAP Teaching Process

Surat Promchun


This research aimed at developing a training model including the training materials, evaluation of the training course based on MIAP model. This model consists of 4 main parts; (M) motivation part, in which the beginning of the training is led by a specialist, (I) information part or content providing part, (A) the application part, in which the specialist assistant helped to check the trainees' performance, and the last (P) for the progress of the trainees. The ratio of the number of the trainees and the specialist is 1:10. After the revision and edition of the developed model, the three-day training course was then implemented on 42 teachers at The Technical and Industrial College for Ship construction Nakornsritamarat. It was found that the trainees reported high satisfaction on both the training technique (X=4.53) and the materials(X=4.53). The results showed the effectiveness of the training at 80.36/72.13,higher than the set criteria at 70/70. The overall progress of the trainees was 51.5%, higher than the set criteria at 30%. It is suggested that, for the real implementation, before the training course, there should be a pre-sessional course to train the specialist and the staff. Furthermore, there should be a study on the duration of the training, and the training course should be set up in a better training camp in which the trainees can spend more time working together for a higher effective result.


Training course; MIAP model

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