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Results of Implementation of Learning Process Organization Model in Project Course at The College of Vocational Education Commission

Siripong Phetnark, Surat Promchun, Piya Korakotjintanakarn


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the implementation of a learning process organization modelin project course. The study was conducted in two steps, implementing and evaluating the model. The implementation step was undertaken in two phases. In the first period, the development of the project course teachersand the learning process was implemented whereas development of the evaluators and knowledge management processes were implemented in the second period. The evaluation step was to assess the implementation of the model. It was found in the first step that related to the process of developing the teachers for the project course, the developed teachers gained much knowledge ( = 4.40SD = 0.84), and they had more skills in application of knowledge management to this subject ( = 3.86SD = 0.85). The teachers had much satisfaction with the model ( = 4.19 SD = 0.76). According to the knowledge management of the subject, the study indicated that the students had much satisfaction with it ( = 4.09 SD = 0.07). For the process of evaluator development, it was found that the range of mean scores obtained from every group of evaluators’ assessment was almost the same. The test of the difference of the mean scores obtained from every item of the assessment showed that the assessment results of every group were not only equivalent but also in the same direction. The evaluators’ satisfaction was at a highest level ( = 4.53 SD = 0.04). With respect to the evaluation of the work in the project course, the investigation revealed that the effectiveness of the assessment done by the sample evaluators was at the average of 85.27% which was quite high. For the second step, the implementation of the model was evaluated by the related people using syndicate meeting technique. It was found that the implementation of the model was much appropriate ( = 4.44SD = 0.53). The knowledge management and the evaluation of the learning process in the project course were found the most appropriate ( = 4.56 SD = 0.54). The preparation of documents for reporting the results of the subject was much appropriate ( = 4.24 SD = 0.53). The students also agreed that the preparation of documents was much appropriate ( = 4.15 SD = 0.65). It could be said that the constructed model could be used for organizing learning process in the project course.


model evaluation; learning process organization of the project course

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