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A Teaching Heritage Model in Industrial Technology Field of Teachers Prior to Retirement

Kuson Samutkotcharin, Terapol Matekul, Worapoj Sriwongkol


The purposes of this research were to construct, implement, and evaluate a teaching heritage model in industrial technology field of teachers prior to retirement. This model consisted of 5 stages: The 1st stage was the design and construction of the knowledge transfer model. Then the model was validated by the specialists and it was found that the model was appropriate at the high level. The 2nd stage was the implementation process consisting of 4 steps. 1. The researcher selected 4 idol teachers in the field of Safety Engineering. 2. The knowledge transfer stage included the observation in the real classroom. The representative teachers observed the teaching method conducted by the idol teachers and then, discussed with the idol teachers after the class to develop a complete instruction package. The representative teachers tried out and evaluated the instruction package with the results at highly appropriate level. 3. The representative teachers conducted the micro teaching model while the idol teachers observed and gave the comments and suggestions. 4. In the actual instruction process, the teacher divided the students into 2 equal groups, the control group and the experimental group. The control group learned with the stereotype teachers while the representative teachers taught the experimental group. At the end of the instruction, the achievement scores of the students in two groups were compared. The evaluation of the knowledge transfer model revealed the following results: 1. The stereotype teachers evaluated the teaching method of the representative teachers with the average result of 80%. 2. The learning achievement of the students in the control and experimental group showed no statistically significant difference at 0.05. 3. The students in the experimental group reported high satisfaction towards the teaching method of the representative teachers at the high level. The stage of focus group included inviting related personals to discuss about the knowledge transfer model with the following interesting issues, i.e., 1. The transfer process should be counted at the workload for 8 hr/week. 2. The teachers receiving the knowledge transfer should get the teacher career certificate. 3. The instruction package could be used as the references for the academic promotion. The researcher developed the manual instruction for the model since the knowledge transfer model consisted of several stages. The manual instruction was ten, evaluated by the experts with the results of high appropriation.


Teaching heritage; Teaching heritage model; Stereotype teachers; Representative teachers

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