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Web Mining Based Framework for Improving E-Learning Systems

Sarinthip Thaweedej, Charun Sanrach, Choochart Haruechaiyasak


The objectives of this research were 1) to synthesis the monitoring, evaluation, usability and learning pattern via the Internet by using data mining techniques and 2) to develop the system model using the pattern synthesized. The development step used the web data mining, called “Cross-Industry Standard Process (CRISP-DM)”, to develop the framework for improving the e-learning system. In this research, that collected the data from Claroline Thai e-learning and used these techniques; data classification, data clustering and data association, to synthesis the model for improving the e-learning system. The research results were as follows: pattern of web usage for downloading content and learning document were high level, the linkages of usage and contents were less level. Then the results that used to improve the pattern of e-learning system. Those were web pages and web data structure and included learning activities in course developing , which supported usability of the system The results showed that the improvement of e-learning system by using the web data mining had more suitable.


DataMining; Web Mining; Improving E-Learning Systems

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