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Developing Work Adjustment Scale of New Comers: Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Khahan Na-Nan


The purposes of this research were to develop the work adjustment scale using an exploratory factor analysis and a confirmatory factor analysis, and to trail of work adjustment measures with the new graduates and senior students of administration faculty in Patumthani province. The samples were 480 and the research instrument was the work adjustment scale. Cronbach’s alpha internal consistency was estimated for the reliability of the scale. The exploratory factor analysis was examined to determine the number of factors and indicators. The second order confirmatory factor analysis was performed to determine the construct validity by using AMOS. The major findings were as follows: 1) internal consistency of this scale was .889, 2) the exploratory factor analysis indicated that resilience were composed of 3 factors as of following: adjust to work, adjust to the rules and environment, and adjust to colleagues or networking, and 3) the second order confirmatory factor analysis found that the model was fit with the structure from the exploratory factor analysis. The chi-square goodness of fit test was Chi-square =51.659 (df=41, p=.123), GFI .966, AGFI =.935, RMR=.028, RMSEA=.033. It was also found that the level of work adjustment of new commers were high level of all factors.


New comers; Factor of adjustment; Work adjustment; Work adjustment measures

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