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The Development of Management model of the Research and Development Center

Subhakrit Sobhanachitta, Surat Promchun, Piya Korachotjintanakarn


This research aims to study tasks of responsibility develop and evaluate a management model of the research and development center for the Institute of Vocational Education. The methodologies of this research consist of: investigation an administration of the research and development center. The 22 summary tasks of responsibility this center can obtain from questionnaires of the questions related to educational research for 16 delegates. Subsequently, the management, organization structure, and this Job Description were examining of the research units of various sizes as well. In this implementation method, the summary of the investigation processes were utilize for implementing its obligations and develop a management model framework. This research management framework consists of patterns of research and development organization structure, responsibilities of the executive committee, agendas, Job Description of personnel responsible for various duties, a format for each task, and a manual operation. After model center was implementation, the study of 29 questionnaires from the Committee of the Administrative Office was conducted to evaluate this developed model center. In evaluation result, we found that the experts strongly agree with this developed model center ( = 4.40) and the standard deviation (SD = 0.60), indicating that this management model of the research and development center can be to operate it further.


management model for the office of research and development; vocational education institutes

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