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The 3D Virtual Exhibition about the Social and Cultural Development in Thailand Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre

Rattanaporn Chiengkham, Prachyanun Nilsook, Panila Wannapiroon


The purpose of this research were: 1) Design and development of a 3D virtual exhibition online website 2) Evaluating the quality virtual exhibition of 3D 3) Comparison the effects of learning outcomes between learning of a permanent exhibition and learning of 3D virtual exhibition 4) To study the 3D virtual exhibition satisfaction by sample used in this study were students selected by a simple random sampling and divided into two equal groups, 15 students in control group and 15 student in experimental group. Research instruments were: permanent exhibition, the 3D virtual exhibition online website, the 3D virtual exhibition evaluation form, tests, and evaluation satisfaction form. All data were analyzed and determined by use Mean, standard deviation and t-test independent. The research findings were as follows: 1) The 3D virtual exhibition is comprised of four topics include Prehistory, Ethnic groups in Thailand, Languages and scripts and historical Archaeology 2) The results of the evaluation by content experts that are appropriate high level also evaluation by technique experts that are appropriate high level. 3) The student learning on 3D virtual exhibition were higher education than student learning with permanent exhibition by analysis results are statistically significant at the .05 level 4) The student are very satisfied with learning of 3D virtual exhibition.


Training web; Virtual library; Information literacy

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