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The Study Components of Personal Potential of a Top-level Manager in Order to Enhance the Organizational Competitiveness in Thai Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Orrawewan Komolratwattana, Suwattana Thepchit, Preede Atawinijtrakarn


This article aimed to study components of personal potential for a top-level manager in order to enhance the organizational competitiveness in Thai Alcoholic Beverage industry. The samples had focused on management level including supervisors, middle managers and top managers. The data was collected by 451 of questionnaires from total of 91 alcoholic beverage producers. They were analyzed by exploratory factor analysis technique with the SPSS for window version 11.5. The results could be found that there were three dimension of the personal potential of a top manager. Firstly, the potential of competitiveness enhancement, it consisted of 6 six observed that are knowledge, management skills, service and communication skills, personality, general knowledge and emotional personality. Secondly, the potential of strategic management involved 4 of observed variables that are planning, controlling, leading and organizing skills. Finally, it was the potential of human resource management. There is an ability to manage people as an observed variable.


Exploratory factor analysis; Personal potential; Top management; Alcoholic beverage industry

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