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The Study of Effectiveness Comparison of Traffic control system at T-Intersection on the Major Highway A Case Study at Suranaree University of Technology Entrance

Porntita Tamapan, Rathapol Phubupphapan


The T-intersection at the entrance of Suranaree University of Technology has a number of traffic conflicts. There is a large amount of right-turn traffic entering to the campus in the morning rush hours, and the right-turn demand is often larger than the capacity of the right-turn bay, causing queue overflows into through lane and interrupts the through traffic. The existing traffic signal is operated under a Pre-time control which may not be appropriate for time varying traffic demand pattern at this intersection. This research evaluates some control alternatives to improve traffic signal control at this intersection under two traffic scenarios: existing traffic demand and increased traffic demand (future scenario). Three control alternatives were considered in this study, namely Multiple-time plan, Semi-actuated control, and Full-actuated control. Microscopic traffic simulation was employed as a tool to evaluate and compare the performance between different alternatives considering average travel time, average delay time, and stopped delay as the performance indicators. The result shows that the full-actuated control tends to be superior to other controls due to it leads to better performance in most of the indicators.


Traffic Simulation; Actuated Signal Control; T-intersection

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