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Problems of Producing Academic Work of Vocational Instructors in the Office of the Private Educational Commission Bangkok Metropolitan

Arada Mungdee, Anuchai Ramwarungkura, Panit Khemthong


The objectives of this research are 1) to study the problems of producing academic work among the vocational instructors, 2) to study the relationship between problems of work and school supports in producing academic work among vocational instructors and 3) to compare the problems of producing academic works according the subjects taught by instructors. Sample in the study included 399 vocational instructors in the private Educational Commission, Bangkok Metropolitan. Statistical methods used for analyzing data consisted of frequency, percentage, standard deviation, Pearson product moment correlation coefficient and one-way analysis of variance together with post-hoc comparisons.The findings showed that the overall problem of producing academic work was at the medium level Considering in each stage, it is found that the highest problem of producing academic work was preparation and planning, followed by production process , and diffusion and acceptance and the problem at all stages were at the medium level. Based on the correlation analysis, the results indicated that problems in all stages had strongly negative relationship with the school support (p-value = .01). To compare of problems of producing academic work according the subjects using the one-way analysis of variance, it is found that instructors in different subjects had different levels of problems. In addition, the post-hoc comparison findings pointed out instructors in commerce subjects faced the highest level of problems, followed by those in industrial subjects and fine arts subjects (p-value = .05), respectively.


Academic Work; Vocational Instructors; Office of the Private Educational Commission, Bangkok

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