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The Development New Competency Personnel in Software Development to Support ASEAN Economic Community of Thai Software Industry

Aree Mayoungpong, Monchai Tiantong, Montean Rattanasiriwongwut


The purposes of this research and develop were to 1) analyze and assign factors the software development competency for new personnel, to develop training courses, and 2) measure the achievement of training for competency of new personnel in software development to support ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) of Thai Software Industry. The sample of this study consisted of 450 software’s entrepreneurs and 20 new personnel in software development. The results revealed that 1) There are seven competency factors: (1) The software development team. (2) Individual factor for software career. (3) Software testing and presentation. (4) Using software development tools. (5) Knowledge of business process for software development. (6) Concept of software development. (7) English for communication and ASEAN knowledge. A software development team was the most important competencies for the AEC's software industry. 2) The training for new competencies personnel was set up based on Agile Software Development. The pre-test and post-test was designed to measure new personnel’s understanding about knowledge and skills. The results revealed that the post-test was higher than the pre-test at significant of .01 level, that mean the participants did understand Agile Software Development after training. It will lead to improve their work performance. In addition, the personnel related were also satisfied with the training at high level.


Competency Development; New Personnel in Software Development; ASEAN Economic Community

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