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Synthesis Outcome of the Learning Activity with Flipped Classroom and ICT Media Application

Sommai keawkunha, Worapapha Arreerard, Tharach Arreerard


The aim of this research was 1) to synthesize the the learning activity with flipped classroom and ICT application, 2) to tryout the learning activity synthesized and 3) to study the expertise towards the activity developed. The target group included 9 experts and the experimental population was 42 fourth year secondary students. The tools used were a drafted learning activity with flipped classroom and ITC application, and an evaluation form of the activity, a learning outcome assessment form used as the activity tool, and an activity acceptance questionnaire. The statistics used were: Mean, Standard Deviation and t-test. The research outcome revealed that 1) based on the synthesis of the activity, the activity was composed of 5 elements: government policy, related persons, learning activity, supportive tools and operational indicators; the model was composed of 2 activities: in-class activity with 5 stages: learning revision, content fulfillment by teachers, co-learning, knowledge exchange and assignment, and outdoor activity with 5 stages: workload study, learning from media, additional research, lecture through facebook and learning conclusion; 2) the posttest score as seen in the learning outcome of the students was higher than that of pretest with the statistical significance level at .01; from the observation of questioning/ answering, result explanation and behavior in group working, their average score was at a high level; based on the parental evaluation of students’ self-study, the score was at the highest level and the teacher acceptance of the activity developed in accordance with TAM technology acceptance model was at the highest level and 3) the expertise towards the suitability of the framework and learning activity in average was at a high level.


model; learning activity; flipped classroom; ICT application; Google Application

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