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Information System Development in Registration and Educational Evaluation for Enhancing Educational Quality Assurance (QA) of the Faculty of Engineering at Kasetsart University

Nobchulee Pipatnamporn, Suntara Tobua, Sutithep Siripipattanakoon


The purposes of this research were study the problems and needs, 2. to develop information system , and 3. to evaluate the information system, the registration and evaluation of education to support the quality assurance of education at the Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University. The target population of this current research was the authority who were responsible for the Faculty of Engineering and the quality assurance staff and recruited 8 people. The development of information systems applied the principles and procedures of the system development life cycle (SDLC: System Development Life Cycle) for four steps as follows: step 1 Planning and Analysis; step 2 System Design and Development; step 3 Implementation; and step 4 Evaluation and Improvement of the information system, registration and evaluation to support educational quality assurance. Data analysis by frequency and content analysis. The results of the system development showed that information system for registration and evaluation of education to support educational quality assurance could solve the problem of basic data management. Besides, this can provide information that meets the needs of users and be useful for implementation.


Information System; Quality Assurance

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