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Effectiveness of Experimental Kit of Wind Turbine Simulator

Phongsin Kaewrattanasripho


The purposes of the study were to develop an experimental kit using the wind turbine simulator and to investigate its effectiveness by comparing the learning achievement of the students. Besides, the effectiveness of the experimental kit was confirmed through the students’ satisfaction. The obtained data were analyzed in terms of percentage, average, standard deviation and Z- test. The experimental kit of wind turbine simulator was constructed and tried out with a group of 32 engineering students. The students were asked to do the pre-test formulated by the researcher to evaluate their aptitudes in the specific format. After 3 months, the experiments were conducted with achievement tests. The obtained scores from the tests were analyzed regarding the students’ learning achievement. The findings showed that the learning achievement of the students were significantly different at .01 statistical level. The mean scores and standard deviation of students’ opinions toward the experimental kit were found to be 4.51 and 0.57 respectively which implied that the students were strongly satisfied with the developed kit.


Wind Turbine Simulator; LabVIEW; Experimental Kit

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