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Strategies in Applying Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to Enhance Sustainable Success in Industrial Business in Digital Era Using Delphi Technique

Rungtip Thaisom, Thanin Silpchar


This qualitative study investigates the strategies in applying Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to enhance sustainable success in industrial business in digital era using Delphi technique. Semi-structured interview was administered with 30 experts to collect data with standard error of mean ranging between 0.44 and 0.43 at decreasing rate of 0.01 to develop close-rating scale questionnaires to conduct the survey on the 5 aspects of Sufficiency Economy, i.e., moderation, reasonableness, sufficient self-immunity, knowledge, and integrity. The descriptive research statistics included percentage, mean, median, mode, and inter-quartile range. The data analysis was systematically conducted to achieve the objectives defined by the experts’ consensus. The consideration was based on the congruence of the experts’ opinions with the inter-quartile range less than or equal 1.5 according to the Delphi technique. The results revealed that the experts reported harmonized opinions on the model of the strategies in moderation, reasonableness, and integrity. However, the experts showed different opinions on the aspects of sufficient self-immunity and knowledge.


Strategies, Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, Digital Era, Sustainability, Delphi Technique

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