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Reducing Losses Through Defect and Impact Analysis in Waste Electrical Power Generation : Case Study of A Waste Electrical Power Plant, Khon Kaen Province

Chanachon Tupvichin, Panutporn Ruangchoengchum


This research aimed to study the loss in energy from waste process, analyze causes, and provide a guideline to reduce the loss by analyzing defects and effects.  This study was based on 20 key informants from the waste electrical power plant in Khon Kaen, as a case study.  The data were analyzed with Process Flow Chart, Pareto chart, Risk Assessment, Cause and Effect matrix, Defect and Impact Analysis (FMEA), and Relationship Diagrams. The results showed the loss in the energy from waste process came from the stoppage of waste incineration. The study found that the reverse and forward stepping grate machine was a cause of the loss.  As a result of the analysis, the loss reduction by analyzing the defects and the impact, it suggested increasing frequency of monitoring the distance (GAP) of the Grate Bar, installation thermometer under the continuous combustion chamber, and checking cleaning fan system every two hours . These guidelines could reduce loss in the energy from waste process from 9.07% to only 0.54%, or equal to 19.08 million baht. Therefore, the result of this research can be used as a policy recommendation to provide a cost effective way to reduce the loss in the process of energy generating from waste efficiently


<span>Failure Mode Effects and Analysis (FMEA); osses reduction; the power generation process </span><span>from waste energy</span>

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