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A Study Setting Time, Workability and Compressive Strength of Concrete Mixed by Natural Rubber for Pavement Repairs

Chokchai Traiyasut


This research aimed to study setting time, workability and compressive strength of concrete mixed by natural rubber compare with normal concrete for pavement repairs. The mixed were used 1:2:4 with normal concrete. The natural rubber latex solution to cement ratio varied at 10 20 and 30 % by weight, water cement ratio (w/c) at 0.6 and test were instead regarding to standard of American society for testing and materials (ASTM C39 C143 and C403). The results showed that the concrete mixed by natural rubber workability was 7, 8, and 10 cm. there was in standard of used range. The compressive strength at 28 days curing by water was 220 ksc 205 ksc and 176 ksc there was decreased 25% when natural rubber was increased at 30%. The result indicated that the value of 20% natural rubber was the best setting time of the performance. The initial setting was 150 minutes, final setting time was 250 minutes, when compared with normal concrete difference of initial setting time was 90 minutes final setting time was 100 minutes. Considering the satisfactory performance of the sub district administrative organization in Sisaket province showed that the concrete mixed with natural rubber can used in pavement repairs.


Natural rubber; Pavement repairs; Setting time of concrete; Compressive strength of concrete

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