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Effect of Extraction Conditions on Color, pH, Flavor Profile and Ribonucleotide Contents of Limnophila aromatica (Lam.) Merr. Extracts

Phantiwa Soimaloon, Patcharaporn Tinchan, Lay Horng-Liang


The extracts of Limnophila aromatica was conducted using 5 temperatures and 6 extraction times and the obtained color, pH, flavor profile and the contents of 5´ribonucleotides were compared. Extraction at higher temperature and longer time resulted in decrease of L* and a* values, but increase of b* value. The pH values of extracts had significantly decreased with longer time of extraction. Nine flavor terms and their intensities were identified. There was no ribonucleotides detected in the distilled water extracts. In contrast, when using methanol as the solvent for the extraction of dried samples, the 5´AMP and 5´UMP were detected.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.ijast.2018.04.005


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