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Optimum Strength of Screwed Joint in Structural Applications using Finite Element Method

P. Nunwong, S. Yanil


Recently, great effects are undertaken to enhance the strength of structural constructions using the screw joint. Most of screw threads are produced by rolling process. The screwed joint for civil engineering consists of two elements (thread bar and coupler). The aim of this project was to assembly and reinforcement of building structure, etc. Strength optimization of screwed joints was studied by commercial FEA software (ANSYS) and compare with the experimental results. Standard tensile test specimens of screwed joint were used. Depends on failure of the coupler of the optimum-strength criterion can be reduced the dimensions (diameter and pitch size) of the thread bar to obtain the equivalent stress in above both elements. The optimum design was performed by fewer dimensions of coupler and had including influence to failure of the thread bar


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