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Simulation of Slip Effect with 4:1 Contraction Flow for Oldroyd-B Fluid

N. Thongjub, B. Puangkird, V. Ngamaramvaranggul


The slip effect of 4:1 contraction problem for Oldroyd-B fluid is determined to reduce the stress values and vortex size after the Navier-Stokes equation was solved with planar coordinate system. The numerical solutions of no slip and slip condition are calculated by semi-implicit Taylor-Galerkin pressure-correction finite element method. The slip velocity at channel wall is adjusted after each time step. The velocity gradient recovery and streamline-Upwind/Petrov-Galerkin schemes are employed to keep the unique values and stabilize the converged solutions, respectively. The flow patterns are shown in streamline contour and vortex.


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