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Stress Analysis and Validation of Superstructure of 15-meter Long Bus under Normal Operation

S. Lapapong, N. Pitaksapsin, S. Sucharitpwatkul, T. Tantanawat, R. Naewngerndee, A. Phuchamnong


The strength of the superstructure of a bus is very critical to the safety of passengers, both in normal operation and in the event of accident. During the normal operation, the structure of the bus is subjected to several loads, which may be induced by its inertia during vehicle maneuvering (i.e. braking and cornering) or by external loads from the road (i.e. crossing over a speed bump). Moreover, there is a substantial possibility that these loads may lead to a structural failure. Hence, it is necessary to determine stresses occurred in the bus's superstructure to ensure its integrity under these driving scenarios. This paper presents techniques implemented to analyze stresses on the superstructure of a newly designed 15-meter long bus subjected to loads previously mentioned using Finite Element Method (FEM). The stress analysis technique used in each scenario is selected based upon the frequency intensity of load excitations and the dynamic responses of the structure. Besides, the results obtained from FEM, particularly strains, are validated with the experimental ones to investigate the fidelity of the selected techniques.


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