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Volumetric Interaction and Material Characterization of Flax/Furan Bio-composites

Jovana Džalto, Luisa Medina, Peter Mitschang


This paper deals with the characterization of a green composite, made of flax fibers and a bio-derived furan resin. It is shown that the porosity within the composite, which is determined by various parameters, adversely influences the mechanical performance as well as the water absorption behavior of the material. Since the furan resin induces a large amount of porosity during curing due to its foaming characteristic, the aim of this study is to find a method in order to minimize this so-called structural porosity. Therefore it is paid special attention to the conversion between weight and volume fractions and the volumetric interaction of the constituent phases. A model is applied in order to predict and minimize the porosity content in the composite.


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