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The Effects of Diesel-waste Plastic Oil Blends on Engine Performance Characteristics

Chedthawut Poompipatpong, Athakorn Kengpol, Thanes Uthistham


The objective of this research is to present results of the performance (torque, power, thermal efficiency and specific fuel consumption) in a heavy-duty diesel engine when fueled with diesel-waste plastic pyrolysis oil (WPO) blends in full load condition. The tested engine is installed on an engine test bench and is attached with several sensors. The full factorial experimental design is performed to investigate both main and interaction effects. It is shown that fuel blends, engine speed and interaction of both factors significantly affect all engine performance parameters. The functional relationships between parameters are developed by second-order quadratic models. The result shows that the mathematical models are able to predict the performance characteristic with mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) in the range of 1.614 to 2.987%. The increase of mixing ratio to WPO 75% greatly decreases engine output torque and power approximately by 23.79%. Consequently, thermal efficiency can be reduced by 5.97% while specific fuel consumption can be increased by 31.22%. The results of error analyses, the graphical presentations, the discussions and conclusions are also presented.


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