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A Comparison of the Roe’s FDS, HLLC, AUFS, and AUSMDV+ Schemes on Triangular Grids

Sutthisak Phongthanapanich, Kazuyoshi Takayama


The upwind schemes had proved to be effective for solving a wide variety of high-speed compressible flow problems due to their accuracy and robustness concerning other schemes. The unstructured grids had been commonly used to discretize the complex geometry then it is necessary to evaluate the performance of the upwind schemes on unstructured grids. This paper presents a comparison study of the accuracy and numerical stability of the Roe’s FDS (RoeVLPA), HLLC, AUFS, and AUSMDV+ schemes on two-dimensional triangular grids. It is found that the AUSMDV+ scheme provides the most accurate solution and the AUFS scheme is the most dissipative scheme.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.asep.2019.07.003


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