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Experimental Study of Heat Transfer for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide with Upward Flow in Vertical Tube

Jui-Ching Hsieh, Bo-Heng Lee, Ming-Che Chung, David. T. W. Lin, Shu-Hong Guo


In this study heat transfer of supercritical carbon dioxide in vertical tube with 10 mm of inner diameter and 1800 mm of length was investigated experimentally. The initial temperature of tube wall was set to 150 and 200°C. The system pressures of supercritical carbon dioxide are 1100, 1500 and 2000 psi, respectively. The experimental results show that the heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer rate increase with Reynolds number. The maximum heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer rate was occurred in 1500 psi of system pressure. The heat transfer coefficient for 150°C is higher than that of 200°C resulted from effect of specific heat.


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