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Integration of a 2D Vision System into a Control of an Industrial Robot

Matthäus Stepien, Rolf Biesenbach


Industrial robots play an important role in today’s production. They are mostly tied to the production process by teached orders. To make industrial robots more flexible and more interesting for the industry, they are often additionally equipped with a vision system. Thus, they are not bound by their fixed program and able to adapt their path to each object individually. This paper explains the cooperation of a six-axis industrial robot and a 2D-Vision System. Here, the precision of the robot and the accuracy of the vision system are combined. The vision system In Sight Micro 1100 acquires quality and localization tasks. It locates the object, inspects it and judged its quality. These results are finally send to the robot controller of KUKA KRC 2 Edition 2005 in the form of coordinates and are ultimately put into action by the industrial robot KUKA KR 16-2. With the software In Sight Explorer 4.8.0 a visual order can be created and adapted to the existing conditions. It offers a variety of preset localizing and qualitative tools. Alternatively, there is the possibility to created special tools in a spreadsheet program. The paper describes the interface between vision system and robot. Finally, an inspection station for work piece quality control is created from the derived results.


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