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Design of Web Application Program for Reducing Processing Time of Raw Material Incoming in an Appliance Industry

Athakorn Kengpol, Sopida Tuammee, Tattima Chanmanee


In the study of the case company's refrigerator production process, it found that the ‘Incoming Section’ takes a long time. The employees are unable to fill in the ‘Parts Incoming Report’ in the inspection area and there is no purchase orders in storage area, resulting that documents are filled out retrospectively by the employees. The information recorded is inaccurate and fail to be used to analyze the problems, lost time filling documents, causing the huge workloads compared to the daily input, an average of 98.4 items per day. The filling documents in vain during January–May 2017 totally amounted to 106,600 Baht. For this reason, this research aims to improve the incoming inspection performance by applying the information systems to design web applications for data storage on incoming inspection. A database system is designed by using the Visual Studio 2010 to manage web applications. The My SQL database is used via phpAdmin to manage data. It found that the user can fill out the information in the inspection area immediately. The comparison of filling-out times spent between the paper-based process and the web-based process by the conventional work method is an average of 1 min 53 s individually compared to the new working system; an average of 36.58 s individually. Filling-out time is reduced by up to 1 min 16 s. The number of 108 errors is found on filling before the update can be reduced to only 3 items. The result is representing a decline in a loss of 77,659.08 Baht for five months.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.asep.2020.04.001


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