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Kinetic Analysis of Xylose Production from Palm Pressed Fiber by Sulfuric Acid

Wiboon Riansa-ngawong, Maneewan Suwansaard, Poonsuk Prasertsan


Palm pressed fiber (PPF) is lignocellulosic materials containing xylose and glucose. These high sugars contained in PPF can be used as a substrate for ethanol production by microorganisms. The PPF was delignified using sodium hypochlorite as a pretreatment for sugars production. By using mathematic model, 30.6 g L-1 of xylose and 2.2 g L-1 of glucose was obtained under the optimum condition of 5% (v.v-1) H2SO4 at 120 ºC for 30 min. At this condition, acetic acid and furfural concentrations were produced at 7.2 g L-1 and 0.9 g L-1, respectively. Kinetic parameters were also investigated in order to predict concentrations of xylose, glucose, acetic acid and furfural in the delignified PPF hydrolysate. Yield of xylose was 85.74% of the initial xylose content.


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